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Name:   Vlaamse RadioAmateurs (V.R.A.) vzw
              Flemisch (Flanders) Radio Amateurs (V.R.A.)

Non profit organization number:   V.Z.W. Number: 199/27
Foundation date:                            October 17, 1998
Registered Office:
                         Doelstraat 46/2, B-3320 Hoegaarden, Belgium (2023)
Legal Publication:                          February 11, 1999, number 1910
Immatriculation number:               0465.117.671

VVRA and VRB fused in 1998 to form VRA, Vlaamse RadioAmateurs (see Short History).
The purpose of VRA is to defend the rights of Flemish radio amateurs on national and international (via EURAO) level.
Through a monthly publication, members are kept informed on all matters radio amateurism and changes in legislation.
VRA distribute QSL cards and their local clubs organize formal courses to new radio amateurs.
ON4VRA brings the latest news for radio amateurs through radio and internet transmissions.
Formal Statutes and Bylaws regulate all VRA activities.

VRB = Vlaamse Radio Bond (Flemish Radio League)
VVRA=Vlaamse Vereniging van Radio Amateurs (Flemish Association of Radio Amateurs)

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